Mechanical Module

The mechanical module consists of 3 sub modules - Chassis, Robotic Manipulator and a Gripper. Designed to be able to sustain the demanding tasks at the Rover Challenge Series, moving on rough terrains and over vertical drops, Team Anveshak has made great innovative strides in its mechanical capabilities.

Electrical Module

The Electronics Module is sub divided into Main Control Board and Battery Management System. Custom printed circuit boards have been fabricated for Powering and Controlling the rover. Intuitive and innovative methods are being used to control and interface with various components, actuators and micro controllers.

Software Module

Team Anveshak has developed ROS Meta-packages for autonomous and manual control of the rover, interfacing various sensors and the robotic manipulator on board. The rover can perform autonomous GPS way point navigation, and uses a LIDAR to avoid obstacles.

Our Journey So far...

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